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Deville Series

Succubus: a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.


Danielle "Deville" Hell Cat is the MOST POWERFUL Character Inside the LT_Realm!! She is part of a Book Series of her own beginning with Homecoming, and Followed Up by Demon Queen and Hell Wars! The Danielle "Deville" Hell Cat will also appear in Other Work Along with Her Own Series NO SPOILERS! These books are VERY HARD R and Probably MORE HARD R Than The Simply Priceless Franchise!

Begin with Homecoming and Read About LT_Writing's Perfect Anti-Hero who fits Perfectly On Her Demonic Throne inside the LT_Writing Library! Homecoming is the Perfect Demonic HARD R Origin Story! 


a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes.
"with the age of the antihero, baddies and goodies became less distinguishable from one another"

Homecoming is the MOST ORIGINAL NOVEL Since The Original Simply Priceless!


Homecoming is a Key Issue in LT_Writing Library! The Deville Series is VERY IMPORTANT when it comes to Different LT_Writing Subject Matter!

A key issue is an important or essential publication in the title or category in some way. This could be an issue in which the main character is introduced or one that surrounds an important character's death. The origin of characters or stories can also be considered key issues, and so can pivotal plotlines

Danielle "Deville" Hell Cat is the LT_Realm's Version of a Demonic Female Venom!


Deville was brought to the LT_Realm BY ACCIDENT You Can Read ALL ABOUT That Backstory at the Link Below!

The Deal was for me to write the origin story of Carlynn Carnage, and Carlynn would dress up at venues I sell my work at as the Carlynn Carnage Character to help with book sales. Eric was the middle man to set up the deal between Carlynn and myself but Carlynn didn't seem interested in helping at all as Eric made it out to me in hopes that Carlynn and myself to get together, and work together in order to bust out a horror novel which I was told to create something between Hellraiser and 50 Shades of Grey!


Homecoming is NOT Actually Considered a HORROR STORY Even though It HAS HORROR ELEMENTS! It's NOT Actually a Full Blown Superhero Story Either Even Though it is about an Anti-Hero! It's NOT a True Full Blown Love Story Either Even Though Homecoming has Love Story Qualities!

Homecoming is a VERY UNIQUE Story Unlike ANY OTHER, and Homecoming ONLY is the beginning with taking you Down a Rabbit Hole of Demonic Proportions!

In Future Tales there will be an Expanding on the
Danielle "Deville" Hell Cat Character Name. This is a name that WILL BECOME a Very Well-Known Character inside the LT_Realm because She is the MOST POWERFUL Character inside my The Creator, The Rated R Novelist's Lee T. Lunsford's LT_Realm!

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