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Sean James Franchise

         Sean James is the vision of what a True American Hero looks like. In the foot steps of similar novel franchises before mine like the Jack Ryan novels by Tom Clancy and the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child the Sean James Franchise turns things up a notch. I introduce Sean James to you in Armageddon and I plan on bringing you at least Five Other Sean James novels which will bring you through Sean James Presidency all the way through post Sean James serving as President of the United States!


         Sean James is who you call in when nobody else can handle the job. Sean James is a CIA Contractor who comes from a military family. His older brother Bordan James got him into the military. Bordan James was in the military himself, and was killed in Active Duty. Which is touched on in the first Sean James novel titled Armageddon!


         The seven Sean James Novels are as follows:




Christmas Blood


Freedom isn't Free


Lone Wolf


Queen's Chaos



The Kingdom

         These novels are action packed adventures that follow the lead character of this franchise on many dare devil type missions to save the United States from terrorist attacks on a magnitude of levels. Each novel is more action packed than a season of 24. So far as planned the first Sean James novel is Armageddon where Sean James is just a contractor and the planned final Sean James book Collusion takes place post Sean James Presidency where Sean James is part of the retired intelligence field but is forced to get back into the water when the current President of the United States takes away Sean's Security Clearance, and Sean must begin to personally investigate the President's possible collusion with the Russian Government which leads down a military rabbit hole! Collusion is followed by a ripped from the headlines Sean James Novel involving Saudi Arabia titled The Kingdom!

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